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Disillusioned with your love life? Tired of being single? Is your relationship not the way you thought it would be? Take control of your love life. A happy and loving relationship is possible. Let me prove it!


Happy Relationships
Therapy & Coaching

Get the skills and information you need to achieve a successful and happy relationship.


Couples Therapy

Your marriage can be saved after an affair. We’ve helped other couples and can help you too.


Quest for Love
Coaching & Workshops

We will teach you how to make the right choices in your quest for love.


Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching for Couples

Is your relationship is in a good place but you want to make it even better? Have problems started to plague your relationship but no matter what you and your partner try, things stay the same or get worse?

If you’re interested in a proactive approach where you want to learn the skills to make and keep your relationship successful, Anita can help.

Call now if you want:
• Tools to prevent divorce
• To learn what happy, successful couples do
• Effective communication
• Productive conflict
• A deeper connection with your partner
• To better manage your emotions and reactions
• Coping skills
• Great sex
• Heal from infidelity/trust issues

Relationship coaching is provided in person or over the phone.
Make your relationship healthy, passionate and satisfying.

Pre-marital/Newlywed “Investment” Packages

You invested time and energy in things such as your career, first home, and even your car. What about your marriage? Did you know that there are specific things that you and your future spouse can do to increase your chances at a lifetime of love?

Studies show that couples who engage in pre-marital preparation have a lower divorce rate than their counterparts, and have greater overall marital satisfaction. You will gain essential tools to keep you happily married for life.

How it works: Each package is customized to fit your goals. You and your partner will both have a free 15-minute conversation with Anita to determine your concerns, what you want to learn, what works well in your relationship, etc. Anita then creates a coaching plan with the information and tools to help you achieve your goals. Each session is 50 minutes in length, and you can add more sessions at any time.

Current packages being offered:

Silver: 3 sessions
Gold: 5 sessions
Platinum: 7 sessions

Common topics requested include:
• How to communicate better
• How to resolve conflict and problems more effectively
• How to keep the spark alive
• Managing expectations
• Behaviors that need to be avoided
• Balancing different belief systems

Packages start at $525.
Beat the divorce odds. Call today 312.399.1635

Power Intensive

The Power Intensive is a transformative coaching program designed to maximize your time, resources and give you and your partner the results you’ve been waiting for – quickly.

During the Intensive, you will understand yourself and your partner better. You will learn the skills to be better equipped with handling the day-to-day situations as well as overall improved relationship satisfaction.

Scheduling varies depending on the unique needs of each couple. At minimum, a 2-hour first meeting is necessary.

The Intensive is right for you if:
• You are on the brink of divorce or a break up and need tools instantly
• You and/or your partner live out of town or you travel a lengthy distance
• You and/or your partner frequently travel for work
• You have a demanding schedule
• Your relationship or marriage is in a good place, but you don’t want to spend weeks in therapy or coaching

Get results quickly.
Call Anita at 312.399.1635 to schedule your Intensive.

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