Dating & Relationship

Disillusioned with your love life? Tired of being single? Is your relationship not the way you thought it would be? Take control of your love life. A happy and loving relationship is possible. Let me prove it!


Happy Relationships
Therapy & Coaching

Get the skills and information you need to achieve a successful and happy relationship.


Couples Therapy

Your marriage can be saved after an affair. We’ve helped other couples and can help you too.


Quest for Love
Coaching & Workshops

We will teach you how to make the right choices in your quest for love.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Are you stressed out or unhappy? Do you feel like your life is out of control? Are relationships with loved ones strained? Do you want more out of life or your relationship?

Working one-on-one with a therapist can help you figure out your obstacles and how to overcome them with tools that you can use for life. Whatever your goal is, our goal is to give you the necessary skills to succeed on your own. Individual therapy may be a good fit if you want to work on:

• Communication
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Low self-esteem/confidence
• Dating & relationships
• Healing from a divorce/break-up
• Anger management
• Substance use addiction
• Pornography/sex addiction
• Trauma recovery/PTSD
• Personal growth
• Unhappiness
• Life transitions
• Family relationships
• General coping skills
• Stress management

Tell us your goals, we will teach you how to get there. Call now (312) 399-1635 to get started!

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